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That may seem like a bold claim...

But 80 years ago, Napoleon Hill said this about Masterminds:
"you can accomplish in ONE YEAR more than you could accomplish without it in a LIFETIME if you depended entirely on your own efforts for success.”
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In 2016, I was tasked with the honor of interviewing and surveying some of the best financial advisors in the business.  I proposed this project because, as an advisor myself, I have seen too many advisors fail to take advantage of the collective wisdom around them.  As advisors, we intellectually know we can learn from each other, but we tend to get so focused on our day-to-day tasks that we fail to make our businesses what they can truly become.

The research I performed became the foundation for my latest book, Shaping the Future: 6 Ways Exceptional Advisors Shape Financial Futures.  As I wrote the book, something kept nagging at me.  
My book will have limited impact.
Don't get me wrong.  Books are great.  And I am very proud of the book I have created. I think Shaping the Future will really change lives. But without proper execution and amplification, a book can only do so much. 

This is when I realized I needed to create something more.  I needed to create a Mastermind for advisors so they could learn to actually execute the strategies in the book.  And I needed to create a way for advisors themselves to expand upon, or amplify, the 6 Principles of Exceptional Advisors.  You see...
A book is something you read. A system is something you use. 
A Mastermind is a community to which you contribute, grow and belong.
So I sat down with my Project Manager and key members of my team, and I created the framework for the Advisor Mastery Mastermind.  At first, this was going to consist primarily of a full-fledged online training program combined with some additional resources.  But I realized we could do so much more!

So we added two very special components:
Bi-Monthly Mastery Sessions
First, because we all do better when we can interact with other advisors, I created a series of bi-monthly video conference calls.  Each 90-minute session focuses on one of the 6 Principles of Exceptional Advisors described in my book.  Exceptional Advisors...

  •  Lead with Convictions
  •  Communicate with Elegant Simplicity
  •  Engage Personally with the Power of Story
  •  Systematize and Streamline Every Area of Business
  •  Commit to Life-Long Learning
  •  Leverage the Power of Unique Teamwork
Each call is an interactive time for us to discuss methods to put each principle to work. We amplify on the strategies I share in the book and expand upon them, armed with the collective experience of the group.  Together, we have centuries of experience; as we Mastermind together on each call, incredible solutions come about.
Private Advisor-Only Forum
Next, we added something that I have been dreaming of for a long time.  

I have watched other industries benefit from the interactive and organic quality of Social Media.  And yet, as advisors, we have been largely frozen out of this medium, at least as far as our businesses are concerned.

No longer.

I have created a private, secure environment for us all to gather, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This secret Facebook forum is available only for members of the Advisor Mastery Mastermind.  There are no clients, prospects, friends, and family members present.  
"This is our space!"
The forum allows us to freely share successful strategies, our favorite tools, and our go-to systems.  We can also share in each other's challenges and triumphs.

Frankly, the value of this one element of the Advisor Mastery Mastermind is priceless. That's because it destroys the silos that have restricted advisors for decades.   No longer are we limited to the ideas and resources of our practice or our broker.  Now we can leverage the collective experience of the Mastermind to accomplish more in one year than in a lifetime!
Exclusive Video Training Course
MODULE 1: Lead with Convictions:

• The interactive exercises of preparation for this module will be invaluable for advisors.
• As a bonus, we have a resource designed for advisors to use to help understand the convictions of their team members.

MODULE 2: Communicate with Elegant Simplicity

• This module will help advisors balance the need for transparency and complete documentation with the importance of engaging with the simplicity that clients want.
• Customizable tools and resources that advisors can personalize and use in their communication and discovery add substantial value to this concept.

MODULE 3: Engage Personally with the Power of Story

• Story can build a level of engagement that goes far beyond mere words. Part of this module focuses on helping advisors develop their stories. But that is not enough.
• Much of the recent focus on “story” in our industry has been misplaced. This goes beyond “telling” our story. The magic is in “hearing” our clients’ stories. We refer to this art as “financial biography.”
• Strategies for Discovery help advisors get to where the story really lives: not in the head of the advisor, but in the heart of the client.

MODULE 4: Systematize and Streamline Every Area of Business

• The process of involving systems that really are mission critical as well as keeping them integrated is central to leveraging their true power.
• We examine the pitfall of accumulating too many systems (shiny object syndrome) and the solution of streamlining.

MODULE 5: Commitment to Life-Long Learning

• Coaching programs, personal development seminars, audio resources and advisor conferences are all part of the DNA of the lifelong learner.
• This module will give advisors a specific and valuable framework for evaluating coaching programs and may save thousands of dollars invested at the wrong time with the wrong program.
• We will also address the most widespread problem…a low implementation ratio!

MODULE 6: Leverage the Power of Unique Teamwork

• Whether operating as a solo practitioner or in a more complex environment, teamwork is a multiplier that cannot be ignored. This also happens to be an area where too many advisors are not uniquely qualified.
• The continuum of the advisor who does everything by himself or herself, to part-time employee, to full-time team members each have opportunities and challenges.
• The largely untapped resources of utilizing Virtual Project Managers will be examined in detail.

Exclusive Resources & Tools
I have developed numerous resources over the years, and I continue to develop more each year. Many of these will be shared within the membership site and others within the private forum. Examples include my Client Discovery Template, my Benefit/Risk Cards, creative job postings I have used to recruit team members, and more. Most have been created with an eye toward customization and branding by each advisor to make them “their own.” 

Video Training & Membership Site
Private Advisor Forum
Bi-monthly Mastery Sessions
Exclusive Resources
& Tools
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